Local Man Hopes New Group Will ‘Take Back Derry’

Michael Gendron misses the Derry he knew, and he wants to bring it back.

Gendron is the founder of Take Back Derry, an organization dedicated to restoring the quality of life that was the reason people moved to Derry. And he hopes to start at the voting booth.

Gendron blamed apathy for the poor, 6 percent showing at the recent town elections and the skimpy showing in previous years. “The voter apathy resulted in a tiny yet vocal minority in power that is not truly representative of Derry’s constituents,” Gendron said.

In particular, Gendron is disturbed that the “tiny but vocal” voices may, in an effort to save money, cut or gut some of the programs that make Derry what it is.

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Town Council Settles on
‘Profile’ for Town Administrator

The Derry Town Council has firmed-up the “candidate profile” for its Town Administrator search.

In a workshop meeting Tuesday, March 25, the Council went over a profile compiled by Acting Town Administrator Larry Budreau. With a few tweaks, they came to a consensus on what they want to see in the candidates, and ideally the final choice, for the job.

The biggest hurdle was determining how much management experience they want, and how much of that had to be in actual town administration.

The candidate profile consisted of a series of “bullet points” followed by nine full paragraphs describing various aspects of the job.

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School District to Hire Consultant
to Conduct Space Needs Study

The Derry Cooperative School District has received one response to its Request for Proposals (RFP) for evaluating the district’s space needs, and will ask that responder to trim the projected cost.

Superintendent Laura Nelson reported on the process at the March 25 School Board meeting.

An evaluation of district resources and the possible closing of a school was one of the ideas discussed in the February School District Meeting, when members of the community pointed to declining enrollment.

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