Why is the paper free and mailed?

The free and mailed concept has proven to work best for our business model. In order to get right into the hands of our local residents and business owners, the USPS is the best delivery method and means to ensure that our provided information is received in a timely manner. By mailing our papers out, we can instantly let residents know what is happening right in their backyard and how they can get involved or make an impact. All of this is done through our strong content and the ads from local businesses found in our papers. So, we owe a large “thank you” to all the businesses in our community that have continually supported our mission statement and us throughout the years. We are proud to have evolved into the new-age “welcome wagon,” as well as, phone book to all the new inhabitants flocking to our flourishing community.

Can I voice how I feel about a subject, a story, or something going on, or

even thank someone in a group for doing a good job?

Sure. A Letter to the Editor is the best way to have your voice or opinion heard.
We love letters, but we do have a few rules:
keep it at around 500 words, please do not attack anyone, always be civil, and make sure to put your name to your opinion.

Will you cover our event?

Generally yes, as long as it is located in one of our towns.

Will you write about our business opening or our anniversary?

Generally, no, we will not. Nutfield Publishing generally covers happenings in the town government, schools and nonprofits with the occasional feature article. We do not do business profiles unless said business is involved in one of our core coverage subjects.

If I advertise, will you write about my business?

No. We do not barter ad sales in exchange for writing stories. We make sure to separate advertising from editorial for two important reasons:

1) The singular job of the Editorial Department is to attract a large supportive audience. In order to fulfill this main objective, our staff needs complete freedom to write about what they feel will draw in and engage as many members of the community as possible. This in turn, will greatly benefit all advertisers. The larger the audience, the more people advertiserĀ“s ads have the opportunity of reaching. We strongly feel that editorial content must be completely independent from advertising in order build as large and engrossing an audience as possible.

2) We also strongly feel that our advertisers deserve the most value we can possibly provide and to do so, we need to treat all of our advertisers equally. In equality, everyone wins.

What is Nutfield Publishings political point of view?

We do not have one. Our staff is here to provide a medium to educate and inform both sides of every story in as honest, accurate, and detailed a manner as possible. This stance allows our readers to formulate their own political positions and opinions. We want to let you decide what you think.


All advertisers must pre-pay for 2 weeks of advertising. We accept cash, check, Visa or MasterCard for all payments. We also offer a 2 percent discount while paying subsequent bills within 10 days of receiving them. Advertisers have the option to be automatically billed on a credit card, to pay in full (to receive a discount) or they can be billed through our normal monthly billing cycle.

Advertising Standards

Nutfield Publishing will not run ads for anything it deems inappropriate for its target audience. The Publisher reserves the right to reject any ads for any reason.