Cleaning Up Our Home

April 22 is Earth Day, the annual event when we’re reminded to think about where we live. Not our town or even our country, but Planet Earth. Outdoor celebrations and political speeches all have their place, but the message we should have taken to heart by now, more than three decades after the first Earth […]

Family Feud Slows Progress

The internecine troubles that have surfaced in a lawsuit filed by Pillsbury Realty, LLC against DeMoulas Super Markets are a struggle that puts the future of the 600-plus-acre Woodmont Commons development in jeopardy. Without the access road agreed to by DeMoulas in 2011, principals of the Woodmont development say they cannot proceed – thus, the […]

Free Speech Trumps Secrecy

Whenever we hear that people are ordered not to talk to the press, we wonder what they wish to hide. And whenever we hear the press blamed for “bad publicity,” we’re pretty sure public information has been reported that some official wishes had been kept private. The Timberlane School Board has just required its members […]

Long Time Coming

While this past winter may not have been the longest on record, it seems so, and who among us isn’t ready for spring, as belated as it may be. We rejoice over finally being able to see the bare patches of brown leaves left over on the lawn from the fall, we don’t complain about […]

Thick Skin Needed

We congratulate all of the citizens who chose to stand for election March 11. It takes quite a bit of intestinal fortitude to put yourself out there in front of every resident and offer yourself up for election. We’ve noted in the past how unpleasant some of our towns’ boards can be, with backbiting and […]

Let the Sun Shine In

Open and transparent government – it’s what the public should expect from officials at the local, state and national level. And providing information about the operation of government at the local level is a job this newspaper takes seriously. March 16 through 22 is Sunshine Week, a reminder that government business conducted in the open […]

Make It More Than a Slogan

Londonderry Supervisor of the Checklist Geraldine “Gerry” Van Grevenhof wants people to come out and vote March 11. “The elections affect everybody within the town,” Van Grevenhof said. “The money that’s being spent is their tax money and they should have a say in it.” Next door in Derry, Town Moderator Margaret Ives gives her […]

Snow Woes Continue

With snowstorms coming so close together these past few weeks, it may seem as if this is a winter for the record books, but that still remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it’s been a trial for all of us, but particularly for the highway departments. Most are over budget by now and prepared to dig […]