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Town Council Sets Goals

The Derry Town Council has finalized its goals for 2014 and unanimously accepted them. The goals, originally drafted in November, were reviewed by the Council and approved 7-0 in the first portion of a Special Meeting Jan. 28. Acting Town Administrator Larry Budreau presented the goals, codified into a report by the Primex insurance company. […]

Pinkerton Cuts Tuition to Reflect Hooksett Enrollment

The Derry Cooperative School District and its fellow sending towns will see a decrease in the tuition rate it pays to send high school students to Pinkerton Academy, due to the influx of Hooksett students this fall. The Pinkerton Board of Trustees announced last week that sending schools will see a $140.68 decrease in tuition. […]

Trial of Former Town Administrator Postponed Indefinitely

The trial of former Town Administrator John Anderson has been postponed indefinitely. Anderson’s trial on two counts of indecent exposure and lewdness was originally scheduled for Dec. 13, 2013. It was moved to Feb. 10 due to a scheduling conflict, and moved again to March 7. The trial will not take place on March 7, […]

Enough is Enough

A few months ago, we wrote about town officials’ “golden parachutes,” negotiated deals that allow high ranking officials to leave office but continue to collect their salary, receive medical benefits, and get other perks. We noted that plenty of taxpayers who don’t work for the public don’t use their job interview to negotiate their last […]

School Officials Prepare for
Saturday’s Deliberative Session

The Derry School Board and administration held the last of their public information meetings on the budget, as they prepare for Saturday’s Deliberative Session. Superintendent Laura Nelson, board chair Brenda Willis, and board members Dan McKenna and Jen Lague gathered in the library of West Running Brook Middle School along with the school’s principal, Leslie […]

Council Rates Goals for New Town Administrator

The Town Council is closer to determining what it wants in the next Town Administrator, thanks to a menu of options prepared by Acting Town Administrator Larry Budreau. Budreau, who is also Human Resources Director for the town, presented a list of three goals and 21 qualifications to use in the search process for Derry’s […]

Dumpster Depot Sues Town
Over Zoning Board Decision

The Town of Derry, in particular its Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA), has been served papers in a lawsuit filed by the Dumpster Depot, doing business as Accurate Transport Inc. Dumpster Depot owner David Paul is contesting a Nov. 7, 2013 decision by the Zoning Board that the Planning Board erred in accepting jurisdiction for […]

Pinkerton Explains Program Offerings for Special Education

There is no textbook “special needs student,” Special Education Director Rick Sharp told a small audience of parents at Pinkerton Academy. Sharp made his presentation Thursday, Jan. 30, during the Headmaster/Parent meeting held in the Science Lecture Hall of the Academy Building. Sharp said Pinkerton currently has close to 500 students who have IEPs (Individualized […]