Sending Districts Get Tuition Credit from Pinkerton

Three of Pinkerton Academy’s sending districts will receive an early Christmas present, according to Glenn Neagle, financial administrator for the semi-private school.
Neagle announced this past week that Chester will receive a refund of $29,359.91, Derry a refund of $22,401.33 and Hampstead a refund of $24,143.61.

The surplus funds were determined after a year-end audit for 2012-13.
“We are obligated by our contracts to give money back to the sending districts” when tuition collected from each town exceeds expenditures. If expenditures exceed tuition, the difference will be made up for by the sending towns.
Neagle explained how it happened. In the 2012-13 school year, Pinkerton ran its Special Education program at a deficit due to a decrease in enrollment. “The enrollment numbers projected for our three Special Education programs were well below what was projected, reducing revenue and resulting in a deficit,” he said. However, there was a surplus in Regular Education resulting from savings on utility costs and all departments stepping up to reduce expenses.
Balancing the Special Ed deficit against the Regular Ed surplus resulted in a total credit to the three towns of $75,904.85, which will be applied to their 2013-14 tuition payments, Neagle said.
He credited the school’s faculty and staff for the refund, noting that “Each department is doing a wonderful job and looking for ways to reduce costs.”
The districts won’t be receiving a refund check, Neagle said. Historically, the refunded money is applied to the current year’s tuition payment, he said.
The school districts receive two bills a year from the school, and the refunds will be applied to the first installment for 2013-14, he said.
Pinkerton treasurer James Mulrennan wrote in a press release that he was happy to announce the refund. “It is Pinkerton’s goal to continue to offer a quality education with sound fiscal management, and we are doing it,” Mulrennan said.
Neagle wrote in an e-mail that “the credits were deducted from the first tuition payment this fall. Letters went to each superintendent on Sept. 26 explaining the credit. The credits were also shown on each district’s fall tuition invoice.”
Neagle said the tuition refund is a regular occurrence, noting that “We’ve done it 12 out of the last 13 years. Some years we’ve been able to give back quite a bit more.”
Auburn did not receive a refund because it wasn’t officially a sending town in 2012-13, Neagle said.
Laura Nelson, superintendent for the Derry district, said the refund will help the taxpayer because funds budgeted for Pinkerton tuition that are not used will go back to the fund balance, and may be used to reduce taxes.
It will help, Roxanne Wilson, assistant superintendent for Hampstead with the Timberlane District, said. “It does help in that it reduces our expenses,” she said.

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