Dumpster Depot Zoning Board Hearing Postponed to Nov. 7

Proponents and foes of a proposed Dumpster Depot off Ashleigh Drive will have to wait until the Nov. 7 Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) meeting to see if the Zoning Board will reverse the Planning Board’s decision of Aug. 21 to approve the site plan for the project.

John O’Connor, who filed for the appeal along with other residents of the neighborhood, asked for the hearing to be postponed because he is awaiting the birth of his first grandchild.
ZBA Chairman Allan Virr said that postponing the hearing did not affect the time frame allowed for the appeal, as the decision to approve the project was made on Aug. 21.
The vote was 5-0 to allow the postponement to Nov. 7.
Dumpster Depot owner David Paul wants to move his facility from Manchester to Derry, to land at 41 Ashleigh Drive currently owned by Yvon Cormier Construction. A group of area residents, with O’Connor and Brenda Wilson as their spokespeople, have objected to the proposal in terms of noise, odor, traffic and the general effect on their quality of life.
The Planning Board voted 5-2 in the Aug. 21 meeting to accept the site plan and take jurisdiction of the project.
In the Sept. 18 meeting, the Planning Board turned down a request for a rehearing, 2-4. O’Connor appealed to the Zoning Board at its Oct. 3 meeting. That appeal was an appeal of Code Enforcement Officer Bob Mackey’s decision to classify the project as a “contractor’s yard,” for which there is no definition in the Derry zoning.
At the Oct. 3 meeting, Virr told O’Connor that the board could not accept the appeal of the administrative decision because it was made last spring and too much time had passed. However, he said, they could still appeal the Planning Board’s decision of Aug. 21.
Virr told O’Connor all relevant documents must be in 10 days before the November meeting.

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