Rescued Loon


This loon is swimming freely, thanks to the help of Beaver Lake residents on Saturday, Aug. 24. Gail Hepworth, a long time Beaver Lake resident, had been watching the loon and said she just knew something was wrong. She asked her husband, Carl, and some neighbors to take a boat out to see if they could spot the problem. The boat circled the loon, which didn’t dive or make much of an effort to swim away. Karen Curtin, one of those in the boat, noted that the loon circled in only one direction. Using the boat the loon was gently nudged to circle in the opposite direction and suddenly it sprang forward and a large, heavy clump of sticks and debris floated by the boat and started to sink. The loon’s foot had apparently gotten caught in the clump. Once freed, it swam a little way, dove, and began acting like a loon.
Photo by Penny Williams

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