Derry Awaits Revised Cost Plan for Transfer Station

The Town of Derry will have a new transfer station, though sticker shock has caused the Department of Public Works to rethink its plans. Derry Public Works Director Michael Fowler said this week that he is working with a consultant on a revised plan and expects to have something in place within 30 to 60 days.

Approximately $3 million was appropriated in Fiscal Year 2013 and the bond has been sold, Fowler said. The consulting firm is the Kleinfelder Corporation, with offices in Manchester and Cambridge, Mass.
The first design for the station went over the $3 million allotted, and Fowler directed the consultant to come up with a “scaled down” model.

A new transfer station is needed because the current one was built in the 1980s and is inadequate for today’s needs. It has structural issues and portions of it are exposed to the elements, Fowler said.
The new station will be able to accommodate more customers, an issue with the current facility, Fowler said. Fewer than 10 people are able to dispose of their trash at one time. “Some people are rapid and organized, while others want to take their time and socialize,” Fowler explained. “If the people in the first car are taking their time, it bogs everyone else down.”

The proposed new facility will provide up to 40 spaces of parking, Fowler said, so everyone who wants to can dump their recyclables and get on with their day. The current facility was built when Derry had 18,000 residents, he added.

The proposed facility will also give greater options for sorting recyclables and increase the probability of resale, Fowler said. In the current building, plastic, glass and aluminum are co-mingled in one bin. “We don’t get any revenue from that,” Fowler said.

In the proposed building there will be individual bins, and the town can expect to obtain recycling revenue from sorted and baled items. Depending on the market, that could be $150,000 to $200,000 in revenue, Fowler said.

Fowler said when an acceptable plan is developed, he will bid out the job in late fall or early winter, with construction expected to start in 2014.

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