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Doing Our Share

Whether or not border guards and high fences make any difference in stopping illegal entry into the United States, they have no impact at all the invaders in our midst every day. Conservation officials remind us that invasive plants are a problem in our towns. And they’re a problem in our waterways as well. According […]

Council OKs Seeking Grant for Updated Police Equipment

Two of Derry’s police cruisers will have an updated camera and recording system, thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice. The Town Council authorized Town Administrator John Anderson to apply for and accept the grant during its July 9 meeting. Police Chief Edward Garone spoke to the grant. He said the Justice […]

Town to Review Drug Policy for Employees

The Derry Town Council will take no immediate action on a petition from a citizen asking it to institute drug testing for all employees and a no-tolerance policy for the workplace, but it will review the policies it has with an eye toward doing what’s best for Derry. Lawrence Budreau, human resources director and assistant […]

Town Council Tables Lawrence Street Release Plan

The Derry Town Council has decided to table discussion on “release of public servitude” of a portion of Lawrence Street, after Councilors expressed confusion about the proposal. he issue came to the Council’s attention at its June 18 meeting, when a staff report from Michael Fowler, director of Public Works, asked the Council to release […]

Town Council Votes for Grant to Buy Two Salt Trucks

The Derry Town Council has approved entering into a grant agreement with the State of New Hampshire for the purchase of two one-ton trucks as part of the Chloride Reduction for I-93 Municipal Program. Councilors voted 6-1, with Mark Osborne the dissenting vote, to authorize Town Administrator John Anderson to apply for and accept the […]

Just Ducky

Sisters Sarah and Rebecca King work on scooping their ages in ducks out of a pool at the Taylor Library Carnival last week. The annual event featured a wide variety of games where children were able to win prizes. See additional photos on page 2.

Derry Continues Ambulance Contract with Auburn, Chester

The Town of Derry will continue to provide ambulance service to Auburn and Chester, after a majority of the Town Council voted to approve a new five-year contract with each town. Councilors Neil Wetherbee, Brad Benson, Phyllis Katsakiores, Tom Cardon and Chairman Michael Fairbanks voted in the affirmative at the July 9 meeting, with Councilors […]

Public Forum Discussion Ends With Two Councilors Walking Out

The June 9 Town Council meeting ended in discord, despite recent pleas for civility from Chairman Michael Fairbanks. Councilors Brad Benson and Neil Wetherbee left the meeting before it was adjourned, after Benson’s motion to adjourn was not voted on. Tensions did not surface until the “open discussion” portion of the meeting, at the end, […]