Deadly Force Justified by State in Shooting of Former Derry Resident

The state Attorney General’s office has ruled that deadly force was justified in the fatal shooting of a former Derry resident earlier this month.
Michael J. LaRocque Jr., 24, died after gunshot wounds suffered when he and another man invaded the Manchester home of Ian Peters on June 9.
The Attorney General’s report said Peters was home in his Lake Avenue apartment, with his fiancée and her 3-year-old son, when two men he did not recognize forced their way into the apartment.
The report stated, “Sometime after midnight, she (the fiancee) was receiving text messages from someone she knew and those text messages eventually turned confrontational and threatening. About an hour or two later, while Peters and his fiancé were in bed, they heard multiple footsteps coming down the porch towards their bedroom. The porch is located directly outside their bedroom. Peters looked at his girlfriend and could see that she was scared. He got out of bed and grabbed his handgun. Peters heard someone at the door and then heard the doorknob move, which was quickly followed by three kicks to the door. As Peters moved out into the living room, the apartment door burst open and two men stepped inside. Peters’ fiancé ran past him into her child’s bedroom and closed the door.
“At that time he (Peters) thought that the two men might be armed,” the report read, adding that Peters thought he might be in a life or death situation. He shouted to the men, who remained silent and advanced toward him. Peters fired his handgun when the men charged him.
The Attorney General’s report said he limited his use of deadly force to what was “reasonably necessary under the circumstances.”
The second man, who fled, has not been identified by police.
Peters followed LaRocque to the bathroom, where he was trying to exit through a window. According to the report, Peters told LaRocque to get down on the ground and not move. LaRocque instead tried to rise and attack Peters. The report said Peters noticed LaRocque was bleeding and called 911.
LaRocque died from wounds to the arm and abdomen.
Investigators said Peters’ fiancée was receiving “confrontational and threatening” text messages prior to the invasion, and that LaRocque was an acquaintance of someone the fiancée knew. According to the text messages, the report said, Peters was targeted and the two intruders planned to physically harm him.
The report stated, “Ian Peters’ subsequent use of deadly force was legally justified pursuant to RSA 627:4, II (b) and (d). Accordingly, no criminal charges will be brought against Ian Peters in connection with the shooting death of Michael Larocque Jr.”
The Manchester Police Department will continue to investigate the home invasion and to look for the other suspect and any other participants, the report said.
A resident of Manchester at the time of the attack, LaRocque was a star running back with the Pinkerton Academy state championship football teams in 2006 and 2007.

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