Employees of Local Stores, Wine Bar Cited in Alcohol Compliance Check

A “compliance check” of Derry stores and restaurants possessing liquor licenses resulted in three convenience stores and one wine bar alleged to have provided minors with alcohol. The compliance checks were done June 10 and 11 in conjunction with the New Hampshire Bureau of Liquor Enforcement, Derry Police Capt. Vern Thomas said.
Thomas said two “underaged operatives,” a 17-year-old male and a 19-year-old female, entered the establishments and attempted to purchase a beer.

The establishments and salespeople alleged to have sold alcohol to the operatives are the following:
• June 10: Gibbs Gas, 53 Crystal Ave., cashier Elizabeth Carlin, 22 of 22 Railroad Ave., Derry; East Derry Store, 50 East Derry Road, Mary K. Lisi, 42, of 214 Hampstead Road, Derry; and Derry Quick Mart, 14 North Main St., Kelly Kyriakides-Mann, 36, of 3 North Main St., Derry.

• June 11: Cask and Vine, 1.5 East Broadway, server Andrew Day, 35, of 87 Harantis Lake Road, Chester.
The four alleged providers are scheduled to appear in Derry District Court June 27, on a violation summons for Prohibited Sales. In addition, Thomas said, compliance checks were carried out at several other licensed establishments, where the operatives were denied the purchase of alcohol.

Thomas said the compliance checks are conducted randomly throughout the year, but always at prom and graduation times. There is not a pattern in this series of violations, he said, adding that the turnover of personnel at the establishments is often a factor for non-compliance. “The night clerk on March 13, 2012 is probably not the same night clerk as on March 13, 2013,” he observed.

Compliance with the liquor laws is a “learning curve” for store clerks and servers, Thomas said, adding, “But the licensing establishment is responsible for making sure they check the IDs and follow the law.”
Thomas said the Derry Police Department is charging the clerks and servers, and the Bureau of Liquor Enforcement may take administrative action against the owners of the facilities.

The “underage operatives” are supplied by Derry Police or the Bureau of Liquor Enforcement. There are stringent criteria, Thomas said. “An operative can’t look 21,” he said.

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