Town Council Plans Series of Workshop Sessions

The Derry Town Council will hold several workshops in the near future, to bring both new and seasoned Councilors up to speed on the issues facing their town.
At the May 21 meeting, chairman Michael Fairbanks listed the topics he thinks could benefit from being discussed in the workshop format, including:

• A workshop on the proposed Exit 4A off Interstate 93. The Council has a nonpublic session with attorneys tentatively scheduled for June 18.
• A joint meeting with the Planning Board.
• Another joint meeting with the School Board and administration, following on a session held earlier this year.
• A meeting on the town Cable TV program.
• Town Council goals and rules.
• The tax cap.
• The two libraries, Taylor and Derry Public.
• Collective bargaining.
• Economic Development.
“That’s a lot to fit in to the next year,” Fairbanks said.
Councilor Neil Wetherbee suggested the Town Council goals should be near the top of the list.
Wetherbee further suggested the Council “not spend a lot of time” on Exit 4A until the new Councilors were up to speed.
“I need to get myself up to speed,” Fairbanks said.
Wetherbee said the town had spent a significant amount of money on legal opinions regarding 4A, and he wasn’t certain all the Councilors had taken time to review the documents.
Councilor Tom Cardon, who has been following 4A for several years prior to his election, warned that the project had the potential to cost the town “a lot of money, more than the $5 million we’ve already committed.” And, he said, Derry and Londonderry are not always in agreement about the project.
Fairbanks suggested the Councilors review the latest legal opinions on 4A and decide at their June 4 meeting whether it was necessary to go forward with the nonpublic meeting.

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