Zoning Board Approves Shed Within 40-Foot Setback

Resident Brian Micciche of 59 Perkins Road was granted a variance to put a storage shed on his property within the 40-foot setback, as required by ordinance. Micciche told the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) at its Wednesday, Aug. 21 meeting that he lives on a hill and the only flat spot to locate the shed was in his front yard, about 12 feet from the edge of the road.
He described the shed as 12 feet by 16 feet and said it would look like a red barn, complete with cupola.

He said he also needed to locate the shed on the proposed spot to allow for wood deliveries, as he heats his home with wood. “I anticipate increased traffic due to the housing that is going in across the street and plan to position the shed for added privacy,” Micciche said.

He said an existing trailer that he considered an eyesore is what he currently uses for storage. It would be removed from the property when the shed is erected. Discussion centered on where the setback started. Micciche said he measured from the roadway and ZBA member Larry O’Sullivan questioned if it should be from the property line.

“I want to protect you if that road is widened for some reason and you may have to move it,” O’Sullivan said. Board member Neil Dunn said he had a problem with the fact that a hill was being used as a reason for a variance. “I have hills on my property and I have to live with it. It is what it is,” Dunn said.

Chairman James Smith noted that his property is a hill and it wouldn’t be functional if it were located elsewhere on the property. “It’s an unusual situation,” Smith said.
O’Sullivan made a motion to grant the variance, with Dunn seconding. It passed unanimously.
In other business:

• The ZBA is looking for volunteers to fill vacant positions on the board. Recently, board member Jay Hooley moved to Manchester and no longer meets the residency requirement; he resigned his position on the board, which currently has only four members.
• Daycare owner Darlene Cordaro went before the ZBA for a variance for a sign for her daycare at 10 Kendall Pond Road. Cordaro had been to the ZBA for the sign before, and the board requested she get Heritage Commission acceptance and recommendation for the sign, which she did. She then went to the planning board, which also gave her a positive recommendation. The ZBA granted her variance unanimously.
• Chris Aslin, attorney for Aranco Realty, requested an off-premises sign to advertise its Mill Pond residential community. The sign would be located at the corner of Rockingham and Auburn roads and would be temporary. The board granted the variance unanimously.

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