Variety of Vacancies On Town Boards

According to Town Council Executive Assistant Margo Lapietro, town boards have 15 openings for volunteers, five of which are for full three-year terms. Six are for alternate positions for three years, two are ad hoc positions and two are alternate positions for one-year terms.

Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) Chairman James Smith sometimes tells the audience before the start of his meeting that his board is in need of volunteers – one full position and one alternate. “People don’t have to memorize all the ordinances, they are available on the screen here behind the desk. Sometimes it’s better to start as an alternate until you feel comfortable, and then move into being a full voting member when one opens up,” Smith said.

The open positions are:
• ZBA, one alternate and one full seat, three-year terms.
• Conservation Commission, three alternates, three-year terms.
• Elder Affairs Committee, one alternate, three-year term.
• Heritage Commission, one alternate, three-year term.
• International Exchange Committee, three full positions, three-year terms.
• Londonderry Arts Council, two alternate ad hoc positions.
• Solid Waste & Environment, two alternate one-year positions and one full three-year position.
Interested residents should obtain an application on the town’s website, called a Londonderry Talent Bank Form, and complete the personal information called for, as well as checking off the board or commission sought. The availability section must also be completed, and information regarding employment is required to avoid any possible conflict of interest. The resident may also list skills or expertise to give insight as to what board would be best for the applicant.

The completed application can be sent via email to: or dropped off at Londonderry Town Hall, 268B Mammoth Road.

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