Trust Funds Go to Library, Drop Off Center, Access Center Work

The expenditure of $18,282.17 was approved by the town council Monday night for various projects, including $752.17 for two additional servers for the Access Center and the repair of two outlets at the center. The Leach Library air conditioning unit number two had been experiencing “multiple issues” and the age of the unit – more than 15 years old – was causing difficulty in acquiring parts. The sum of $17,530 was requested to be paid to SAM Mechanical to replace the unit with a new York 12 ton unit, including a new economizer along with a new curb adapter.

Councilor Jim Butler asked if there had been three quotes received on the air conditioning unit and William Hart, who had been serving as acting town manager prior to the hiring of Kevin Smith, said three quotes were received. Also expended was $730 from the Reclamation Trust Fund for a fence installation at the Drop Off center. The council voted unanimously to expend the funds.

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