Town Master Plan Published, Will be Available for Sale

The Town of Londonderry’s updated Master Plan, which was adopted by the Planning Board in March, is now published and available for sale to interested residents. Master Plans are updated every 10 years, according to state statute.

Planning and Economic Development Secretary Jaye Trottier said the books will be offered for sale at Town Hall, but the cost has not yet been determined. Details about where the sales will be made remain to be worked out.
Leitha Reilly, chairman of the Master Plan Steering Committee, thanked those who were involved with preparing the document.

“I think the final document looks great and I’m very excited to have it in print and ready for the public,” Reilly said. “The physical hard copy is a reflection of the hard work put in by the committee. I really want to thank all those residents that volunteered their time in meetings and working on creating and getting the document ready.”

Reilly said the committee of about 14 or 15 residents worked for about 18 months, holding meetings and public forums to produce the document. “The content is what matters and it is easy to read, which makes the content more available to the public,” she said. “I look forward to what the next step will bring. I want to give a big thanks to town staff. We were very blessed to have such a knowledgeable and dedicated town staff that helped us work on the project.”

Trottier said 100 copies of the Master Plan were printed, and copies will go to the Master Plan Committee, each chair of the town’s respective boards, each member of the planning board, and the Leach Library. As each chairman is replaced over the next 10 years, copies will be given to their replacement. The Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission and the state Office of Energy and Planning also received a copy.
The remaining copies will be available for sale to the public.

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