Town Council Funds Repairs for Deteriorated Work

Town Manager Kevin Smith notified the Town Council of the need to spend $4,310 from the Expendable Maintenance Trust Fund for several repairs in town
Smith said the exterior door trim at the south fire station was finished with a pre-primed finger-jointed pine trim instead of PVC or hardboard product as originally specified. The Expendable Maintenance Trust Fund request is for labor and materials to replace the deteriorated pine trim with concrete board trim material, prime, caulk and apply a final coat of paint to match the rest of the building trim, for $1,510, to be paid to Drouin Construction.

Smith said at the north fire station, while in the attic reviewing the placement of an additional electrical circuit, wet spots and discoloration of the framing of the cupola were found. Further investigation, which required the removal of the shingles on the cupola, revealed that the flashing and starter course of the shingles had been improperly installed, with only a partial covering of the plywood with ice and water shield.
The Expendable Maintenance Trust Fund request is for the removal of the existing roofing materials and proper installation of ice and water shield flashing and shingling of the cupola for $2,800, paid to Droin Construction.
Councilor Joe Green said that in the case of the north fire station repairs, the town needed to go to the contractor “and find him or her responsible for this.”
“I talked to the purchasing agent and I will follow up on it, but it is his understanding that there is not a warranty anymore, that we bid this out and it went to the lowest bidder, and this was the work that was done,” Smith said.
“Yes, but if we can prove that it was faulty,” Green said.
Smith said he would inquire further as to the town’s recourse.
“We constantly have this coming across our desks. I can remember at least half a dozen or so and it gets pretty expensive,” Green said.
Councilor Jim Butler said they went outside of specifications on the job, and that this is what happens when that is done. He said that he wanted to make sure that replacement boards have “more than a one-year warranty. They should be 15 years or more.”

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