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Low Turnout, Few Questions
at School District Session

Just seventy-one residents, out of 15,944 registered voters, turned out for Saturday’s Londonderry School District Deliberative Session. While the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the articles on the school warrant, Moderator Bob Saur said, little of that went on. All articles went to the March 11 secret ballot unchanged.

A Sign of Change?

Deliberative Attendance: Sandown Town 116 voters out of 3,643 registered. Sandown at Timberlane School 278 out of 3,643. Hampstead School 70 voters out of 6,033. Hampstead Town 44 voters out of 6,033. Derry School 245 voters out of 20,115. Londonderry Town 71 out of 15,944. Londonderry School 90 out of 15,944. Look at the Timberlane […]

Enough is Enough

A few months ago, we wrote about town officials’ “golden parachutes,” negotiated deals that allow high ranking officials to leave office but continue to collect their salary, receive medical benefits, and get other perks. We noted that plenty of taxpayers who don’t work for the public don’t use their job interview to negotiate their last […]

Budget Committee Makes Recommendations on School Articles

The Budget Committee voted Thursday, Jan. 23, on whether to recommend a yes or no vote on the School District Warrant Articles as follows: Article 2: $4 million bond for renovations to school district buildings, estimated tax impact of $0.02, Yes to recommend, unanimously Article 3: To accept the proposed general fund operating budget of […]

Town Council Increases
Proposed Budget by $30,000

The Town Council added $30,000 to its proposed FY 15 budget on an amendment by Councilor Tom Dolan and another amendment by Councilor Tom Freda at their Monday night meeting. Article 4, the town operating budget, was amended on a recommendation by Dolan that $40,000 be added for “likely legal costs anticipated in the next […]