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Student Group Petitioning Board in
Support of Non-Renewed Coach

The people who are intent on seeing Jon Rich reinstated as the Londonderry High School varsity football coach keep making it plain that they aren’t willing to take “no” for an answer from school superintendent Nate Greenberg or the school board. After having representatives address the school board and Greenberg directly at each of the […]

Supporters of Deposed Football
Coach Question School Board

LONDONDERRY – The members of the Londonderry school board are used to having their meetings sparsely attended. So as the Tuesday, Jan. 7 meeting was about to begin, several members of the board could be heard commenting on how large the crowd was in the seats before them.

Coach’s Dream Ends

It takes a lot to get people out of their homes on a frigid January evening. But out of their homes they went on Tuesday night, Jan. 7, with the goal of speaking their minds to the Londonderry School Board about the removal of Londonderry High School football coach Jon Rich for reasons unknown. They […]