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Musquash Trails Inspected for Alleged Sabotage

A recent account on a local blog of fishing line strung across trails at the Musquash Conservation Area has not resulted in anyone finding such a thing. Londonderry Trailways president Bob Saur said he spoke about it to Mike Considine, who is a member of the Londonderry Conservation Commission and the Trailways board. “The reports […]

Speltz Clarifies Comments
About FedEx Development

Citing the development of land near the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and the proposed FedEx development in the area, Town Council Chairman Tom Dolan expressed concern Monday night about a quote from Mike Speltz in the Londonderry Times. Speltz, speaking as a member of the Master Plan Implementation Committee at its recent meeting, had said the […]

Pettengill Area Wildlife
Survey Still in Play

Nothing new has happened with the 2009 wildlife survey planned for the Pettengill Road expansion area, but it’s likely to arise as the FedEx project seeks its alteration of terrain permit. That’s the word from the Londonderry Conservation Commission, where commission member Paul Nickerson sought an update on the wildlife survey that was agreed to […]

Resident Seeks AG’s Ruling on
Removing Nevins Walking Trail

Conservation Commission member Mike Speltz, acting as a private citizen, has sent a letter to Terry Knowles of the Charitable Trusts Unit of the state Attorney General’s office to seek clarification regarding the removal of a walking trail at the Nevins over 55 community. “The Planning Board approved a modification to the subdivision approval, which […]

Airsoft ‘War’ Fundraiser Proposal Seeks Use of Musquash

Participants in Destination Imagination (DI), an organization that focuses on critical thinking skills, teamwork and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), want to use the Musquash conservation area for an Airsoft “war” fundraiser, and approached the Conservation Commission with their plans.  “DI taught me how to be a creative problem solver in my everyday life,” […]

The annual Conservation Commission’s Musquash Field Day on Saturday.

Field Day Frolic

John Pezzetti has his daughter Zola, 3, in tow as they make their way out of the Musquash landing area during the annual Conservation Commission’s Musquash Field Day on Saturday. His daughters Marinda and Gianna and wife, Kim, follow behind.   Photo by Chris Paul

Planning Continues for Proposed West Road Dog Park

Town Manager Kevin Smith said he sees no issues with siting a dog park off West Road. “The Council asked me to look into any maintenance that needs to be done to the land prior to the park being constructed and I checked in with our Department of Public Works,” he told the Council last […]