School District Wellness Committee Honors Stonyfield

The School Board recognized school psychologist Carol Van Loon, who is retiring, and the Wellness Committee’s honoring of Stonyfield Farm employees for their respective work with the district.
School District Director of Pupil Services Kim Carpinone introduced Van Loon to the board and outlined her career at the Tuesday, May 21 school board meeting.

“There is a saying in both sports and business that there’s really nothing better than going out on top,” Carpinone said. “Carol is retiring this year, which is very bittersweet for us, but what a wonderful way to go out than to be recognized as the New Hampshire School Psychologist of the Year.”

Carpinone said she was thankful the superintendent and board recognized the value of school psychologists. “They are the people who we look to as the experts of the brain and how children develop and how that development interfaces with what we’re doing in school and how they function both academically and socially,” Carpinone said. “They have been valued members of our response to intervention teams at the elementary level, the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) target teams, and through their work have been able to work individually with teachers and with parents.”

She said that if there were time to line up all the parents and students helped by Van Loon, there wouldn’t be enough room in the town hall. “Another role our school psychologists play is by being there for kids in crisis and doing risk assessments,” she added.

“I appreciate your kindness – you have no idea how much I appreciate how kind you are, and it is not lost on me that I’m standing on the shoulders of a lot of great people,” Van Loon said.
Matthew Thornton Elementary School Principal Carol Mack introduced Stonyfield Farm’s Community Services associate Diane Coghlan and Administrative Services Manager Karen Precourt, and recognized their work in facilitating between Stonyfield and the school district.

“We wanted to recognize some of the wonderful people in the community that helped us,” Mack said of the School District Wellness Committee, “and Stonyfield was the one that we just said, ‘they are always there.’”

Mack said that every school has contacted Stonyfield at one time or another. In addition, Stonyfield sometimes contacts the schools and says, “We have some free things for you and the children,” Mack said. “We want to make sure that they know that we appreciate all they do for our schools.”

Mack said that everybody is focused on wellness these days and Stonyfield has led the way as far as the schools are concerned. Mack presented the employees with a plaque recognizing Stonyfield’s efforts. The plaque reads: “Presented to Stonyfield Yogurt in appreciation and recognition for your efforts and generosity, District Wellness Committee, Londonderry School District.”

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