Pet Sheltering During Emergencies Close To Resolution

The situation of sheltering pets during times of emergency is almost near resolution. After the town council meeting on Monday, June 3 Acting Fire Chief Darren O’Brien said that pets would be housed in the basement of the gymnasium during emergency situations and that they were waiting to hear from people with the knowledge of pets to volunteer their services during those times of emergency.

“The pets will be in crates and right now we’re waiting to here from people that are knowledgeable concerning pets to volunteer,” O’Brien said.
During the meeting, Concilor Joe Green had brought up the issue of seniors and others being concerned that during emergencies when the shelter is open at the gym to shelter people, that there was no place for pets and that some senior citizens were staying home in dangerous conditions because of concerns for their pets.

Hart said that he would look into the issue but that he thought that it had been addressed. “No it hasn’t,” Green said. “I actually spoke to the person that leads the ALERT (A Londonderry Emergency Response Team) and he said that they were concerned with the mixing of humans and animals if the pets come in there with bacteria it’s a lot harder to control.”

Council Chairman John Farrell said that as far as he knew the former fire chief (Kevin MacCaffrie) had said that he would make accommodations in the kennels at the police station as best as he could. However after the meeting at which Chief O’Brien was not in attendance, he made the announcement regarding the pets.

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