Master Plan vs. Proposed
Development at Pettengill

Master Plan Implementation Committee member Mike Speltz told the group that the airport development area should be discussed because what is going in seems to be different from what the Master Plan envisioned.

“There is a lot of development going on up there and the development that’s happening is pretty much all based on warehousing and distribution facilities, which is not really conforming to the vision that’s in our Master Plan,” he said. That vision is a “much more campus environment,” Speltz said.

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Pettengill Area Wildlife
Survey Still in Play

Nothing new has happened with the 2009 wildlife survey planned for the Pettengill Road expansion area, but it’s likely to arise as the FedEx project seeks its alteration of terrain permit.

That’s the word from the Londonderry Conservation Commission, where commission member Paul Nickerson sought an update on the wildlife survey that was agreed to take place in the area of the planned but as yet unfunded Pettengill Road expansion project near the airport, as previously reported in the Londonderry Times.

“Is that going to get done?” Nickerson asked.

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Resident Seeks AG’s Ruling on
Removing Nevins Walking Trail

Conservation Commission member Mike Speltz, acting as a private citizen, has sent a letter to Terry Knowles of the Charitable Trusts Unit of the state Attorney General’s office to seek clarification regarding the removal of a walking trail at the Nevins over 55 community.

“The Planning Board approved a modification to the subdivision approval, which allowed the developer to take the trail off the plan, and they kicked it to the Town Council for what the reimbursement should be,” Speltz told the Conservation Commission on Tuesday, March 25. He said the developer offered $19,000 for the trail removal, and at the Town Council, it was noted that town attorney Michael Ramsdell and Morgan Hollis, attorney for Nevins, had come up with an agreement to pay the town $35,000 for buildings that are encroaching on the easement, with the money to be used for improvement of neighborhood trails.

He noted that at the March 20 Council meeting, he and resident Greg Carson, a lawyer, objected to the proposed solution, as reported in the Londonderry Times.

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