Microbrewery Receives Variance for Retail Sales

Owners of 603 Brewery, a microbrewery at 12 Liberty Drive, received a variance that will allow them to hold retail sales where such sales are not normally permitted.
Geoff Hewes and Dan Leonard told the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) on Wednesday, Sept. 18, that they want to be able to sell souvenir hats, T-shirts and other small items as well as beer from their brewery.

They said 603 Brewery was founded in 2012 and that they met while studying engineering in college. and decided to brew and market “high quality, hand crafted beers.”
Leonard said they started selling beer in February of 2013 and were looking for a community that would support them as much as they wanted to support the community.
He said the retail sales would take place after 3 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and during normal business hours on weekends. Leonard added that retail sales would be less than 5 percent of their business, and noted they had received a warm welcome from their neighbors. He presented the board with letters attesting to that welcome.
“The business’s primary function is the manufacture and distribution of beer, and retail sales will always be a secondary part of the business,” Leonard said.
Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer Richard Canuel said their location at 12 Liberty Drive does not allow retail sales, hence the request for a variance.
“Now the board needs to determine if the retail sales for this particular use is incidental enough so that it doesn’t necessarily change the nature of the use from manufacturing, and that this is strictly accessory or incidental to that manufacturing use,” Canuel said.
Board member Larry O’Sullivan said granting the variance could open a “can of worms. We would have to have restrictions in place.”
Leonard said the brewery would not have sales or tours during manufacturing hours.
Newly appointed board alternate Jackie Bernard asked if the brewery currently had wholesale distribution.
“Our current business, which we’ve grown out of in Canton, is people come in on weekends for a tour,” Leonard said. “We use distributors for our distribution, which is currently only in New Hampshire.”
He said their product was only sold in stores now but they were looking into bars and restaurants.
O’Sullivan made the motion to approve the request with the restriction that retail sales do not exceed 5 percent of the manufacturing business and that no parties take place at the business. such as “bachelor or bachelorette in nature.”
The board approved the request unanimously.

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