Media Specialist Declared a Critical Need Area

According to Assistant Superintendent of Schools Andy Corey, the Department of Education conducts a yearly critical shortage survey regarding teaching areas where it has become difficult for the state and local districts to attract candidates.
Corey told the school board at its Tuesday, Sept. 3 meeting that the only such area in Londonderry is Library Media Specialist or Librarian.

During the 2011-12 academic year, the district advertised for a Library Media Specialist on three separate occasions, and received a minimal number of qualified applicants.
“We would recommend that the board declare the Library Media Specialist endorsement a local critical shortage area, which will assist us and our colleagues across the state with future hires in this area,” he said. The district has recommended Emily Vandeventer for the position.
Corey said the critical shortage designation doesn’t “get” Londonderry anything but shows the state that there is an issue of need in that area, and gives college graduates an idea of what is needed in the state.
Corey said a Master’s degree in Library Sciences and library experience are among the qualifications for the job.
“This is the state’s way of really starting to focus on the local critical shortages identified and then work with colleges and universities to try and fill the positions,” Corey said.
The board unanimously approved a motion to declare the Library Media Specialist an area of local critical need.

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