Londonderry Man Indicted on Six Counts of Child Pornography

Jeffrey Allen Velliquette, 42, of 37 Heritage Lane was indicted earlier this month in Rockingham Superior Court in Brentwood on six counts of possession of digital photographs of underage girls “engaging in sexually explicit conduct.”

The images were allegedly found on Velliquette’s iPad. The charges allege that Velliquette had digital photographs that showed two young female children in a “lewd exhibition” of one female child’s genitals, a young female in a dress with a “lewd exhibition” of her buttocks, a female child in sunglasses with a “lewd exhibition” of her genitals, a naked female child on a bed with a “lewd exhibition” of her genitals, a female child lying on her stomach on a bed with a “lewd exhibition” of her genitals, and a female child in green shoes with a “lewd exhibition” of her genitals.

The indictments allege the photographs were in his possession since June 20, 2012.
According to Londonderry Police Lieutenant Timothy Jones, police acting on a tip resulted in an interview with Velliquette. After the interview, police determined there was probable cause and seized Velliquette’s iPad computer and obtained a search warrant. The computer was sent to a forensics lab, where six images were found of possible child pornography.

Velliquette was arrested after turning himself in to police in December 2012, when he learned of the issuance of the warrant for his arrest. At that time, he was charged with one count of child pornography (internet) for each of the six images.

According to Jones, Velliquette posted $5,000 bail plus a $40 bail commissioner’s fee.
Jones said possessing child pornography is a Class B felony and carries a penalty of 3 1/2 to 7 years in prison on each count if convicted.

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