Londonderry Adult Education Program Graduates 25

The Londonderry Adult Education program graduated 25 students in a ceremony held at the Londonderry High School gymnasium on June 6. Program Director Gregory Warren said this is his fifth year directing the program, and called it “truly a one of a kind, outstanding program.”

Entering the gymnasium to “Pomp and Circumstance” played by Music Director Andy Soucy and to the rousing applause of family and friends, graduates Nicholas Benard, Josh Blastos, Brian Bolton, Erin Bowes, Tracy Burke, Logan Chamberlain, Autumn Connors, Erin DePew, Michael Dionne, Samantha Dusombre, Matthew Edgar, Brent Gage, Steven Glockling, Ebony Richards, Kaylee Laventure, Courtney McDonald, Kayla Mecke, Shannon Montgomery, Nathaniel O’Brien, Josilyn Perry, Shawn Perry, Erika Sampson, Samuel Tulley, Brianna Vance and Janelle Walley took their seats in front as school officials applauded their commitment to finish what they had started.

School Superintendent Nathan Greenberg congratulated the graduates and said that when he was in high school, his teachers favored a poem by Robert Frost titled “The Road Not Taken.” He admitted that it wasn’t until well after high school that he was able to grasp its meaning. Greenberg read the poem, which concludes, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

Greenberg said the poem speaks of choices. “Life, as you know, is a series of choices and they should always be the right ones,” he said. “Maybe sometimes they are, and maybe sometimes they’re not. The key is whatever the choices you make, learn from them so that the next choice is the right one for you.”

Greenberg finished by urging the students to make their choices wisely.
School Board Chairman Nancy Hendricks told the graduates that if they could dream it, then they could do it, and they should dream big.

Adult education teacher Casey Roop said school officials knew the students worked hard. He asked the graduates to keep in mind the words “value” – to know what it was that they valued; “opportunity” – not a passive word but an active word that should be pursued; and “strive” – urging the graduates to pursue their goals and strive to be what they wanted to be.

“You are worthy of your own best efforts,” Roop said. Graduate Erin DePew shared her story of struggle in high school with bullies and bullying. “We’ve all come a long way and we all have stories to tell,” DePew said.

“My sophomore year is when I got picked on a lot,” DePew said. She said she would skip class and eventually took the opportunity, when she was old enough, to leave regular high school in her junior year and enroll in the adult education program.
Graduate Ebony Richards sang “I Believe I Can Fly.”

After the diplomas were handed out, Warren led the graduates in the traditional turning of the tassels on their caps, signifying their graduate status, and wished them well in their life’s journey.

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