Hearing Set for Proposed Town Purchase of Hicks Land

A public hearing will be scheduled to discuss recommending that the town purchase the Hicks property at 119 High Range Road to conserve the land. At its meeting Monday, Aug. 5, the Conservation Commission discussed the Joint Negotiating Committee’s (JNC) recommendation regarding the appraisal of the Hicks property. The Committee met earlier in the day and submitted its recommendation.

The JNC is made up of planner Jon Vogl, Town Councilor Tom Dolan, Conservation Commission members Paul Nickerson and Mike Speltz, and Matt Neuman, at-large. Conservation Commission Chairman Deb Lievens said the purpose of the meeting was to hear the report and decide if there should be a public hearing.

“The Joint Negotiating Committee has been tasked to review the appraisal,” said Nickerson. “Based on the appraisal and the amount the willing seller has offered, the Joint Negotiating Committee is recommending that the Conservation Commission accept that and go forward with the recommendation to the town council.”

Nickerson said the Joint Negotiating Committee recommends the Conservation Commission recommend that the town purchase the property. “The JNC’s job is just to come up with a number and we have done that, we are willing to accept the number that was offered to us,” Speltz said.

Lievens asked for a motion to hold a public hearing on Tuesday, Aug. 27, at 7:30 p.m. regarding the purchase for $60,000 of 4.1 acres at 119 High Range Road, owned by David A. Hicks and George B. Hicks et al.
At Speltz’s suggestion, the commission will also hold an executive session to talk about the dollar amount and the appraisal. The executive session was scheduled for the same day, Aug. 27, at 7:15 p.m.

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