Gun Brandished in Parking Space Dispute at Mack’s

On Saturday, Londonderry police responded to an altercation that took place at 3 p.m. at Mack’s Apples farm stand parking lot on Mammoth Road, involving the display of a gun.
A beautiful day of apple picking and pumpkin choosing was marred after police received several calls about a dispute over a parking space that led to an argument and the displaying of a handgun.

“The incident took place at Mack’s Apples, in front of the main building,” Londonderry Police Lieut. Tim Jones said. “When officers arrived on scene, they removed Douglas Pawl, 30, of Manchester from his vehicle and handcuffed him. A search of the vehicle revealed a .22 caliber revolver.”
The caller, Gerald O’Brien, 54, of Derry told officers that while he was waiting for a parking space, Pawl drove around him and took the space.
According to Jones, O’Brien exited his vehicle and confronted Pawl, who was still seated in his car, about taking the space.
“Some words were exchanged, which ultimately led to Pawl displaying the handgun. O’Brien moved away from Pawl’s vehicle and loudly stated that he had a gun,” Jones said.
According to Jones, Pawl and O’Brien have different accounts as to how the handgun was displayed. The matter is still under investigation and is being reviewed by Londonderry police prosecutor Kevin Coyle. No one was arrested and the Londonderry Police Department is still looking into the possibility of charges.

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