Four Town Manager Candidates Being Reviewed by Town Council

The Town Council meeting on Monday, June 3 was short compared to most meetings, coming in at twenty minutes and after the meeting, councilors went into non-public session, according to Chairman John Farrell, to discuss the process of interviewing the final four remaining town manager candidates.
Prior to their non-public session, the councilors discussed several items from expenditures to overtime savings. Councilor Tom Dolan said that the service that Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH) provides was unreliable.

“I continue to be disappointed with the performance of PSNH in the fact that even without the benefit of ice storms we continue to have power outages. The unreliable performance or service is becoming remarkable,” Dolan said. “I guess I’m not sure what we can do about it. Maybe the chief (Acting Town Manager and Police Chief William Hart) can give us some feedback from PSNH. I know that they complain about branches coming down and the heavy ice storms knocking lines out. I don’t know what the excuse of why we’re having power outages.”

Dolan said that his street has had three outages in the past week. Council Chairman John Farrell asked Hart to ask Fire Chief Darren O’Brien to “renew our relationship with our liaison and perhaps they can tell what’s improved in the last year with regards to power outages.”
Hart said that he would follow up on that. Under new business, the discussion of Resolution #2013-07 concerning donations made to the town was continued to the next meeting.

“Before we get into the grants I would ask the council to defer on that. We had a minor SNAFU this week with regard to preparation of the agenda. We needed to have a legal publication in order to have this accepted by the council so we are going to do that on the seventeenth if that’s OK with the council,” Hart said.

Farrell said that it would be and it was moved to the June 17 meeting. The expenditure of Maintenance Trust Funds totaling $7,266.00, Order #2013-19, included a radio box at the senior center. During testing the box was sending Central Fire Station erroneous information and $160 was expended to repair the system.

Also expended was $2,725.00 for a back-up generator as the generator at the station, when tested during a weekly test, was going into a “fault” condition. The requested funds was to replace the main logic board along with labor costs to troubleshoot the problem and to make necessary repairs.
An additional $4,381.00 was requested for the Central Fire Station to troubleshoot, replace the air handler with air conditioning coils, line set, and the service call to re-charge the unit prior to repair.

The order was approved for adoption unanimously. “The air conditioning unit on top of the police station may need to be replaced, we’re kind of taking our time with it. With our prior experience with the library rooftop unit we know it can be an expensive proposition so we’re doing everything we can before having to replace it if that’s the direcion that we’re going to go,” Hart said. Councilor Jim Butler asked how old the unit was and Hart responded that it had been installed in 2004.

Chairman Farrell said that he had attended a CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) meeting and that the CIP meeting to vote on presented issues was going to be on August 12. “One of the things that did come up is that there has been a lot of conversation about the LAFA group (Londonderry Athletic Fields Association) looking to build real restrooms at the fields and dispense with the port-a-potties,” Farrell said.

Hart said in his town manager’s report that they had been looking at town ordinances and that on June 17 they would be bringing a couple before the council “most importantly the reworked pawnbrokers ordinance, which we’ve taken some direction from the council and some of our citizens, and we looked at it and we wanted to bring that forward for the June 17 meeting.”

He also said that they had been looking at ambulance fees and that they intend to have that completed and before the council also on the seventeenth.
Hart said for the July meeting that the reworked alarm ordinance and several other ordinances would be brought before the council.
“It should be noted that former Town Manager (Andre) Caron had started the process and had largely completed most of it but we are going over the ones that hadn’t been completed and bringing those before (the council) if they need change,” Hart said. Hart said that he was aiming for the August meeting to bring the ordinances before the Council.

Hart said that the police will be holding its annual hiring day on June 15 and they anticipated having over 100 applicants and two or possibly three current openings would be filled. “The fire department is also hiring a part time dispatcher which is a position that has been open since 2011,” Hart said. Hart said that the hiring will decrease overtime and that Acting Fire Chief Darren O’Brien said that by hiring the part time dispatcher “close to $20,000 in overtime could be saved.”

Hart said that he had received poems from the Londonderry High School Civics class and that they would be read at the June 17 meeting.
Councilor Joe Green brought up senior housing at 30 Sanborn Road. “It was brought up to me at the Elder Affairs Committee that there was a phase I environmental assessment done in 2011 where a lot of cleanup was done there and I don’t know if it behooves the council to take a look up there to see if Janusz (DPW Director Janusz Czyzowski) could get involved instead of spending money on another site assessment.

Hart said that Councilor Dolan had asked him to look into and that he didn’t and that he apologized and would look into into it and report to the council at the June 17 meeting. Councilor Tom Dolan suggested that there be training sessions or “legal refresh” to educate board members on every board regarding the right to know laws and other pertinent information of which members of public boards should be aware.

He suggested the Zoning Board and Planning Board have the town attorney brief them on points of law especially with large developments and Woodmont coming in the future. During Chairman’s comments, Chairman John Farrell suggested that Hart look at the town’s ordinances and brief the council on any ordinances that were outdated and possibly made on non-effect by state law. hart said that he would look into it.

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