Date for Town Deliberative Session Changed to Feb. 8

The council has decided to change the date for the deliberative session to Saturday, Feb. 8, following input from town manager Kevin Smith.
At the council’s Monday, Sept. 9 meeting Smith reported that dates for changing the deliberative session were limited.
Smith explained that use of the meeting space is heavy, and the only option for a date change was Saturday, February 8. The meeting had been set for Monday, Feb. 3.

“I will tell you, for what it’s worth, that it’s a preference for those on the school side because it will already be set up from the school deliberative session on the 7th,” said Smith.
Council Chairman John Farrell asked the council if they wanted to go back to Saturday and Councilor Tom Freda said that he’d like to try it.
Councilor Tom Dolan said that he didn’t have a preference one way or the other but that there might be issues with sports tryouts that were usually scheduled during that time frame.
“When we’ve had it on a Saturday, we seem to have had a huge number of conflicts with sports tryouts. That’s typically baseball tryouts. So what we do is end up losing all the parents with their kids at tryouts. If we could work hard with the local sports teams to hold their tryouts at a different time, so we could clear up those conflicts, that would be better. If we’re going for Saturday we need to make a strong effort to run down those conflicts,” Dolan said.
The board decided on Saturday morning February 8 at 9 a.m. for deliberative session this year.
In other business:
During public comment resident Gerard Adams stated that he had been contacted last March by Building Inspector Richard Canuel regarding a meeting involving violations at Murray’s Auto Recycling. Specifically noted, he said, was the fence issue and the stacking of crushed cars, which, he said, Canuel told him were in violation of a court agreement.
“We were aware of those problems. Regarding the fence, we weren’t pushing that, we knew about it but we weren’t pushing it. When we left that meeting, we were under the impression that Canuel was going to push pretty aggressively to get this complied with. I feel that he kind of sat on his hands and kind of dumped it into our laps and we were put in a position that I didn’t appreciate,” Adams said.
Adams said that he knew that there were people in the community that supported the business and that he understood that.
“I think that we were made to look bad,” Adams said. He said that they had had no intention of bringing it forward.
Farrell said that he didn’t think any councilors were aware of that meeting.
Adams asked if was allowed to have multiple businesses at the address that the owner of Murray’s has registered with the state.
Town Attorney Michael Ramsdell said that multiple businesses could be registered with the State, however, nothing other than the auto recycling could be conducted at the site.
Adams said that there were a couple of instances where trucks were seen entering the property after business hours when the owner, Edward Dudek, Jr. had been told to not allow the practice.
Adams was asked what times the trucks were observed and he said 15 minutes after closing the first time, and five minutes after closing the second time.
Farrell said that he thought that there was very little the Council could do.

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