CIP Workshop Held At Planning Board Moves to Public

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Manager and Comprehensive Planner Jon Vogl briefed the Planning Board on the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for FY 15 to FY 20.
“This year we received 14 applications for projects to be put on the CIP, 13 of those were included in the plan. The one that was not was an open space project and we had made the decision that open space projects were not capital projects for this particular study,” Vogl said.
Vogl said that this year is different from past years, as they move six projects to the urgent category.

According to Vogl, there are six categories; Priority 1-Urgent. These projects cannot be delayed, they are needed immediately for health and safety; Priority2-Necessary. These projects are needed within three years to maintain a basic level and quality of community services; Priority 3- Desireable. These projects are needed within four to six years to improve quality or level of services; Priority 4- Deferrable. These projects can be placed on hold until after the six year scope of the current CIP but support community development goals; Priority 5- Premature. These projects need more research, planning and coordination and Priority 6-Inconsistent. These projects are contrary to land-use plannor community development goals.
“The projects were all scored by criteria, urgency and their need for the town,” Vogl said.
Projects listed as urgent are: For the school district, district-wide renovations at $5 million funded by a bond. Funding year FY2015.; Public Works, Sewer Division, Plaza 28 sewer pump station replacement $3.1 million funded by access fees and a bond. Funding year FY 2015; Senior Affairs senior center expansion $725,000 funded by the general fund. Funding year FY 2015; Fire Department Central Station renovation $2.9 million. funded by a bond. Funding year FY 2015 for engineerin and archetectural and 2016 for construction; Public Works and Engineering highway garage improvements $260,000 (phase III). Funding through expendable maintenance trust fund. Funding year FY 2015; Public Works and Engineering, recycling drop off center improvements $125,000. Funding through the general fund and funding year FY 2015.
Projects listed as Necessary are: Community Development Deptartment Pettengill Road upgrade $12.3 million. Funding source Tax Incremental Financing/Grant. Funding year FY 2015; School Department, New SAU office $4.1 million (FY 16 Dollars). Funding source is a bond and the funding year is FY 2016/2017 (construction); Public Works and Engineering Mammoth Rd. sewer replacement (portion) $385,875. Funding source is a bond and access fees and private developer contribution. Funding year is FY 2016.
Projects that are listed as Desireable are: School District, auditorium $17 million. Funding source is capital reserve fund and a bond. Funding year is FY 2018-2019; Public Works, Engineering South Londonderry sewer, phase II, $2.5 million. Funding source is a bond and private developer contribution. The funding year is FY 2016.
A project listed as Deferrable is Mammoth Road (North) sewer extension $749,700. The funding source is a bond and access fees and the funding year is FY 16.
Planning Board member Maria Newman asked how the priority one projects are prioritized.
“How do you decide which priority one project gets funded first?” Newman asked.
Town Planner Cynthia May said that it is ranked while in the budget process.
Newman said that she liked that the fire department Central Station renovations were listed as priority one.
Board member Tom Freda said that he felt that with a three million bond that didn’t pass last year, asking for eight million this year probably would not pass and the he felt that “the bonds should be cut down in stages.”
As far as the auditorium Freda asked about the cost.
“Who came up with $17 million and is that still a realistic number? It seems awfully expensive” Freda said.
Board member Mary Wing Soares said $17 million would at least build the auditorium.
Newman said that she felt that an auditorium should be able to hold graduations and that as an investment, it could be a source of rental revenue.
Chairman Rugg said that a public hearing on the CIP is scheduled for October 9.

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