Bring Your Own Device Policy Discussed At School Board

Assistant Superintendent of Schools Andy Corey updated the school board on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program being instituted in the district which will allow teachers and in the near future, students to bring their own laptops and devices to school.

“Tonight, we are providing the board with an update regarding our progress towards updating of our Acceptable Use Policy to allow the district to become a Bring Your Own Device environment. Our District over the last two years has been taking steps to increase our band width, further integrate technology into our curriculum and set the foundation for Londonderry to utilize a BYOD environment. Under the leadership of our IT Director in conjunction with the Curriculum Office and through discussions during budget season and at our Curriculum Coordinating Council, we are now ready to take the next steps in this process after consulting legal counsel,” Corey said.
Corey said that the Acceptable Use Policy being proosed and the policy already n place was “90 percent the same.”
He said that everything will be password protected and that in just a few short years electronic media has changed and become a focus point in peoples’ lives with twitter accounts facebook and online applications. He also said that in January, students will be able to have access to “z” drives at home so flash drives will be very limited. Corey said that blended and online courses will be increased.
“We have increased bandwidth and added wi-fi and with IT have programmed devices and getting things up and running went pretty much without a hitch,” Corey said.
Corey said that teachers will be able to utilize their personal devices through both the district network and a newly developed guest network.
“We have the appropriate security capabilities and anyone accessing either network will go through the District filtering system. From September to January, the IT department will monitor the traffic flow on our network while completing the installation of a new server that will allow remote access to all files for all staff. Students, in January, will be able to access the guest network while in school and remotely access their files,” Corey said.
Corey said that during the second semester, the IT department will begin increasing the wi-fi access points at the elementary level.
“At this time, we do not envision allowing elementary (K-5) students to bring their own device but we do intend to gather the data from the kindergarten and first grade iPad pilots to determine the most fiscally prudent yet instructionally sound approach to increasing the integration of technology to enhance the delivery of instruction at the elementary level,” Corey said.
Corey said that the intent is to bring the draft policy to the C3 (Curriculum Coordinating Council) on September 18.
“They have worked extensively on this and I would like their final input and get back to the board by their second meeting in September,” Corey said.
Board member John Robinson asked about purchasing $3 calculator applications on the student’s cell phones rather than the student having to buy an expensive scientific calculator and Corey said that the applications were now available.

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