Skilled Nursing Facility Design
Goes to Planning Board

Bronz Peterson, senior vice president of Fundamental Administrative Services, Inc., and Steve Keach of Keach Nordstrom Associates presented the Planning Board on April 9 with a conceptual design of a skilled care nursing facility proposed for 3 Grenier Field Road. The facility would house 109 beds for short-term rehabilitation care, with a long-term component included if there were a need.

Preston Hunter of Eckman Construction said they have been doing “due diligence” for the past year by evaluating different sites and have chosen 3 Grenier Field Road because it is relatively flat.

“We’ve done some phase one environmental work on this property,” Hunter said.

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Local Towns Try to Cope
as Panhandling Increases

Derry and Londonderry police are responding to an influx of panhandlers in the area, within the limits of what the law allows them to do.

An increasing number of people asking for money, many with cardboard signs, has been observed in the Hood Commons area of Derry. Derry Police Capt. Vern Thomas said this demographic has increased over the past three years. But until someone complains, there is little the force can do about it.

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Dog Park Committee Mulls
Need For New Site Search

The Londonderry Dog Park Committee may be looking for a new site for a proposed dog park.

The committee had previously settled on pursuit of a location near the soccer fields on West Road.

“Some issues came up,” committee chair Dottie Grover said last week. “Cindy (Eaton) and I were out to breakfast a few weeks ago on a Saturday morning and there was still all kinds of snow on the ground, so we thought we’d take a ride by and see what that place looks like in the winter. Well, you can’t get there in the winter.”

Grover also noted locked gates at both ends of the park.

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